Thursday, October 19, 2017

What can each of us do to change the system?

Individually we can recognize the dominant narrative and not participate. We can refuse to mass consume and live more simply. We can choose to buy those products that mesh with a sustainable view. But we also have to get involved in changing the overall political infrastructure, the dominant narrative. We can support candidates that enact those values in their own lives so we can trust they will do so in government. We can propagate said values in mass social media, strengthening that meme until it becomes the dominant narrative. And we organize via that media so that we each do our own passionate part in that larger organized effort.

Senator Sanders gives Senator Cruz a dose of reality

Cruz makes a speech full of lies about the estate tax and how it hurts employees and small employers. Sanders then gives the facts and quotes the sources. The estate tax only affect the top two-tenths of the 1% and has no effect on everyone else. It's a tax break for the very rich and nothing else.

Even Dubya Bush thinks Dump is the Biggest Loser

Dubya gave a speech at the Spirit of Liberty forum in NYC and, while not naming Dump, made it clear he rejected everything the latter is doing to our country. Bush condemned nativism, protectionism, anti-immigrant rhetoric, bigotry, bullying, prejudice, white supremacy, conspiracy theories and outright lies, all things where Dump is King. You know things are dire in the US when ever Dubya is critical of our Presidunce and his dumpsters.

The myth of the selfish gene

Continuing this post:

Kimmel interviews Howard Stern

On the show last night. Very entertaining.

Borowitz on Dump and devolution

Borowitz speaks at the New York Society for Ethical Culture on Nazis, Dump and impeachment, and starting his own movement, élitism. Yes, elitism is good and we should be proud of it, for that is exactly what we need in a President and representatives.

Reich polls Dump voters in TN and KY

Granted the sample is small but interesting nonetheless. I hope enough of the Dumpsters feel this way to vote Dump out next time around, if he gets that far. From his FB post:

"Kentucky and Tennessee voted for Trump. In my free-floating focus group over the last couple of days in both state I’ve spoken with nearly 20 people who said they voted for Trump. Almost all of them told me this:

1. The reason they voted for Trump is they “hated Hillary” or “wanted to shake things up” in Washington, or "I thought we needed a businessman."

2. They don’t like the job Trump is doing as president. (“He’s embarrassing,” “makes me ashamed,” “behaving like a child,” "chronic liar.")

3. Every one of them told me they regret voting for him (“never would have if I’d have known what an as*hole he is,” one told me).

4. They said their own personal economic position hasn’t changed from what it was last year, and Trump’s policies favor the rich (“he just cares about wealthy folk,” “said he’d drain the swamp and the swamp is worse.”)

5. Most are worried about Trump's mental capacity (“I don’t think the man has all his marbles,” “he could get is into a goddamn nuclear war,” "weird as hell,” “crazy as a loon.”)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Senator Warren questions Big Pharma

In this clip she asks why, if Pharma wants market solutions, that they instead resist two effective market solutions: Importing drugs from Canada to create competition and allowing the US government to negotiate lower bulk prices. Seems Pharma isn't really interested in market solutions after all but prefers monopolies.

Sanders on what the people want via polls

And what the Repugnantans give them, the complete opposite. Once again this is proof positive that the Repugnantans don't give a shit about the majority of people but are the just lap dogs of the wealthy who literally buy them. And that's the facts, not at all hyperbole.

Even Dump said so during the campaign, although he is himself one of those oligarchs and was lying when he said he'd change it. Again, the facts of his own tax proposal, as well as everything he's done since in office, speak plainly to which side he's on. And it ain't we the people.

David Letterman on the Kimmel Show last night

Letterman gives us an update on what he's been up to since retiring.