Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dimocrapic Party still won't listen to Thomas Frank

From a recent interview:

"Until the day the Democratic Party takes a long cold look in the mirror, and understands where they have gone wrong. [...] They got a vested interest in not seeing that. In never seeing that, exactly. In never taking that long look in the mirror. But the day they do, they will start to understand what they have done, and they will also start to understand how to defeat these guys."

"The string that the Democrats are playing out also goes back to that same period in the late '60s and early '70s when they decided they weren't going to be a party of working class people anymore, and they weren't going to be interested in the New Deal anymore. They were going to be a very different party. A party of the information economy, the postIndustrial economy. They made an incredible blunder at that time and they've never looked back. They've never questioned that blunder, and until the day they do."

And the Dim Party, being dimwits underneath their faux sophistication and education, still don't get it. 

We have the money; it's just priorities

And not our (we the people) priorities, which in fact could easily be paid for if Congress wasn't so corrupt as to give our money to the defense industry for unneeded weapons and wars instead of needed and productive healthcare and college education.

Confederate statues are really this bad

Immigration crackdown causing crops to rot

Great way to make America Great again: send all the important workers back to Mexico. Farmers in CA are reporting that they are finding it harder to find immigrant workers to harvest their crops so some of the harvest just rots on the vine. Which of course incurs huge costs to the farmers and increased prices to the consumer. Farmers are offering increased wages, paid time off and retirement plans to these workers but it's not enough, given their fear of instant deportation. Isn't Dump just doing a great job at making us great again?

The history and evolution of the Commons

Article by Michel Bauwens in Commons Transition. "The commons has been defined as a shared resource, which is co-owned and/or co-governed by its users and/or stakeholder communities, according to its rules and norms." He goes on to examine how the commons model operated in different historical periods, and how it is beginning to manifest today. One example is the knowledge commons, where via the internet we share information with each other directly. There is also the emergence of the urban commons for material production, the city of Ghent being a prime example.

Business leaders starting to support single-payer healthcare

So says Wendell Potter, former head of corporate communications for the global health insurance company Cigna. Recent polls show that 60% of Americans favor singly-payer government healthcare. And now business leaders are joining the bandwagon. E.g., Warren Buffet and his Republican vice-chair think it's better than insurance companies because it can effectively control rising costs. There's also a group of business leaders fighting for single-payer: Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare. They researched other countries with single-payer and discovered they all do a better job at controlling costs. Private insurers serve no useful purpose and just add costs to the system.

Some large employers are in fact by-passing insurance companies and negotiating bundled payments directly with healthcare providers. However small companies and individuals don't have that sort of bargaining power. Hence a government program bundles all of them under one umbrella, which saves costs just as in the large employer bundles. Hence single-payer is a viable solution for the rest of us.

Senator Warren on the lastest Repugnantan wealthcare proposal

Repugnant indeed. There is no public support for what they propose: eliminate Medicaid; cut tens of millions from heath insurance coverage; drastically increase premiums for the elderly; eliminate pre-existing conditions coverage, or; eliminating coverage for essential medical procedures. Once again doctors and medical groups said it is atrocious and unconscionable. It is cruel, heartless and shameless, just like the Repugnantans who proposed it. Wake up America and quit voting for the lies Repugnantans tell you and see what they actually do to you.

Meyers Closer Look at the political news

Topics include Dump's Rocket Man comment, the latest Repugnantan wealthcare debacle and Manafort being indicted.

Colbert's monologue on Dump's UN speech

Colbert is back from his week of to prepare to the Emmys. He catches up on the week's political news.

Colbert parodies Dump's Rocket Man comment

Yeah, the Dump called Kim Jung Un Rocket Man in front of the UN. So Colbert has North Korea's official response.