Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Colbert on the shithole controversy

Accurate reporting while making us laugh.

Senator Durbin questions DHS Secretary on Dump's shithole comments

Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen, present in the room where the alleged 'shithole' comments were uttered by the Presidunce, obviously prevaricates around answering the question truthfully. Senator Graham scolded Dump for that characterization using the same language, which Nielsen conveniently forgot as well. This is what selling your soul to the Devil looks like.

Factcheck on shithole countries

It's amazing that Repubnantans are trying to weasel out of this. At that link Factcheck reports on the witnesses in the room, as well as second hand hearsay witnesses. Some of the apologists claim they didn't hear Dump sue that exact term, which was later reported it could have been 'shithouse.' Like that's any better. Amazing what bought and paid for Repugnantans will support to get what they want from the Presidunce. Payback for you complicit bastards comes November 6 of this year, election day.

One Senate vote from restoring net neutrality

The Senate needs one more reasonable Republican to vote for their resolution to overturn the FCC's elimination of net neutrality. Please everyone in Republican States, contact your Senators repeatedly and urge them to vote for this restoration of net neutrality.

A matter, energy and thermodynamic perspective

The above is the subtitle to Peer to Peer and the Commons, which can be downloaded at the link. An excerpt of the blurb:

"The first volume of this research explores how scientists and thinkers have come to realise that thermodynamics teaches us that economic theory must take into consideration the constraints of our ecosystem. It also articulates why contrary to what classical economics implies, the possibility to decouple growth from resource use is a myth, and why the commons and commons-based peer production are the right paradigms for the new economy. The second volume surveys current practices in agro-economics and the dynamics of resource replenishment. It is also a basis for undertaking a future structural analysis of the thermodynamics of relocalization. It shows with scenarios applied to food and fibre, non-renewable resources, and energy, how the commons economy help us overcome the impasse of unlimited growth."

Sanders on the issues

You can see his views at his website here.

Harvard study compares community-owned broadband and ISPs

And what did they find? Community owned broadband was less expensive with better service and more honest, transparent contracts. Which is exactly why the big ISPs hate them, as they are real competition when what they want is oligopoly, price fixing and the ability to dictate shitty service. The ISP's have successfully lobbied 20 States to make such municipal broadband illegal! The free market, eh?

Dump's phoney 'fake news' claims

Factcheck.org give us a very partial list of those times Dump called real, accurate news 'fake' because he just didn't like it. Therein is a link to a database with much more. Dump is the King of Fake News and the Biggest Pathological Liar in the history of the world.

Comparing Obama & Dump on MLK day

Just like comparing them on any other issue. There is no comparison.