Sunday, December 17, 2017

The basis of Christianity

A lovely Christmas thought for you. Merry human sacrifice day.

SNL: Merry Christmas from the Blight House

Dump can't just help himself, even in this "most wonderful time of the year," of tainting it with spite, hatred and paranoia against all of his perceived enemies.

The tax scam uncannily resembles the failed Kansas experiment

The exact kind of failed ideology that destroyed Kansas is being played out by the Repugs on a national scale. That is, trickle down economics that gives all the benefits to corporations and the rich while cutting back drastically on education, public employee pay and benefits and social programs. It's the exact same thing Kansas did and it failed miserably. And it's the exact same thing the US tax scam does with the same assumptions: the money corps and the rich save will be invested back into the economy. It's one thing to actually believe this nonsense, but another entirely to know it's a lie and continue to sell the blatant lie in order to enrich their donors and hence themselves.

The AARP on the tax scam

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) analyzed the Repugnantan tax scam and concluded it will raise both the taxes and insurance premiums of older people. The increased deficit will lead to cuts in Medicare and Social Security as promised by the Repugs to pay for the tax giveaways to corporations and the rich. This more than cancels out the apparent tax break in the form of an increased standard deduction, as personal exemptions would also be eliminated. But by also eliminating the Obamacare insurance mandate this will increase the uninsured by about 13 million, which will decrease the insurance pool and cause rates to go up for everyone, but the brunt of the increases will be on the elderly, as they tend to have much more need of medical services.

It's refreshing that Repubs, those self-described religious defenders of our elderly, are literally throwing us off a cliff to give their rich masters an even bigger piece of a diminishing economic pie while also taking even the leftover crumbs. Our only hope as retired people is that dog food companies make a product that is better tasting to people. Of course, we also have to eat the dog's leftovers, since we can't afford to feed both of us. Or I suppose we could just eat the dog, but that will only last a week or so and then we can dutifully starve to death as necessary collateral damage to let the rich eat caviar.

The power of framing

Good brief introduction to the topic. But the article unconsciously maintains certain myths about the very notion of rationality. They note that the research says we often behave irrationally, and that metaphor, narrative and emotion overtake our rationality. No, metaphor, narrative and emotion are the very basis of rationality. This erroneous assumption is that rationality is something separate from and over those 'lower,' animalistic functions, that it resides in some abstract realm far from embodiment. Lakoff makes clear that such a notion is false, and that real reason is the integration of our bodily, emotional and abstracting functions.

False reason is what liberals are prone to, and hence why they lose elections so badly. Part of their assumption is that if we just present facts to people they will 'reason' to the correct conclusions. But that's not how reason works because it's based on false premises. They are so enthralled by the myth of Enlightenment reasoning based on an unreasonable dualism, the very kind of dualism they claim to denounce in religion but unconsciously enact in this religious notion of reason.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cowardly Paul Ryan will not seek reelection in 2018

This is the rumor that Hartmann discusses in this video. Apparently it has been leaked that Ryan will not seek reelection because he fears he will lose to the Democratic challenger. This will seriously thwart his chances to run for President in 2020. So now that the Speaker of the House has engineered a huge tax giveaway to the rich he's going to take his ill-gotten gains and run for the hills to save face instead of a loss, thereby further enriching himself with a lucrative lobbying job before running for President.

Liology: Towards an integration of science and meaning

In this video Jeremy Lent gives a brief introduction into his system of liology, his response to substance dualism. Conventional science maintains this dualism, so it is up to the ecological science of dynamical systems theory to correct it. He finds a precursor of systems science in Chinese Neo-Confucianism, which seems a bit of romantic retro-fitting to me, given their own environmental degradation which he minimalizes in his book The Patterning Instinct. That aside, he's right about the emerging paradigm of systems science as a necessary metaphoric shift if we are to have any chance of curtailing climate change and implementing a sustainable and humane future.

Crosswalk the Musical on Broadway

The latest in Corden's popular series with Hugh Jackman, Zendaya and Zak Efron. LOL fun entertainment.

Shields & Brooks on the tax scam

The corporate tax rate is slashed and the Children's Health Insurance Plan is still unfunded. Kids are literally dying to give tax cuts to those who don't need it. Even Brooks finds the cuts to be little more than "donor maintenance." And the cuts only exacerbate the underlying social problem, income inequality. They also discuss the Moore loss in Alabama, perhaps an indicator for the '18 mid-terms.

Colbert and Jodie Foster remake Silence of the Lambs

This time with Lecter helping Clarice go after Dump. LOL funny.