Sunday, December 17, 2017

SNL: Merry Christmas from the Blight House

Dump can't just help himself, even in this "most wonderful time of the year," of tainting it with spite, hatred and paranoia against all of his perceived enemies.

The tax scam uncannily resembles the failed Kansas experiment

The exact kind of failed ideology that destroyed Kansas is being played out by the Repugs on a national scale. That is, trickle down economics that gives all the benefits to corporations and the rich while cutting back drastically on education, public employee pay and benefits and social programs. It's the exact same thing Kansas did and it failed miserably. And it's the exact same thing the US tax scam does with the same assumptions: the money corps and the rich save will be invested back into the economy. It's one thing to actually believe this nonsense, but another entirely to know it's a lie and continue to sell the blatant lie in order to enrich their donors and hence themselves.

The AARP on the tax scam

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) analyzed the Repugnantan tax scam and concluded it will raise both the taxes and insurance premiums of older people. The increased deficit will lead to cuts in Medicare and Social Security as promised by the Repugs to pay for the tax giveaways to corporations and the rich. This more than cancels out the apparent tax break in the form of an increased standard deduction, as personal exemptions would also be eliminated. But by also eliminating the Obamacare insurance mandate this will increase the uninsured by about 13 million, which will decrease the insurance pool and cause rates to go up for everyone, but the brunt of the increases will be on the elderly, as they tend to have much more need of medical services.

It's refreshing that Repubs, those self-described religious defenders of our elderly, are literally throwing us off a cliff to give their rich masters an even bigger piece of a diminishing economic pie while also taking even the leftover crumbs. Our only hope as retired people is that dog food companies make a product that is better tasting to people. Of course, we also have to eat the dog's leftovers, since we can't afford to feed both of us. Or I suppose we could just eat the dog, but that will only last a week or so and then we can dutifully starve to death as necessary collateral damage to let the rich eat caviar.

The power of framing

Good brief introduction to the topic. But the article unconsciously maintains certain myths about the very notion of rationality. They note that the research says we often behave irrationally, and that metaphor, narrative and emotion overtake our rationality. No, metaphor, narrative and emotion are the very basis of rationality. This erroneous assumption is that rationality is something separate from and over those 'lower,' animalistic functions, that it resides in some abstract realm far from embodiment. Lakoff makes clear that such a notion is false, and that real reason is the integration of our bodily, emotional and abstracting functions.

False reason is what liberals are prone to, and hence why they lose elections so badly. Part of their assumption is that if we just present facts to people they will 'reason' to the correct conclusions. But that's not how reason works because it's based on false premises. They are so enthralled by the myth of Enlightenment reasoning based on an unreasonable dualism, the very kind of dualism they claim to denounce in religion but unconsciously enact in this religious notion of reason.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cowardly Paul Ryan will not seek reelection in 2018

This is the rumor that Hartmann discusses in this video. Apparently it has been leaked that Ryan will not seek reelection because he fears he will lose to the Democratic challenger. This will seriously thwart his chances to run for President in 2020. So now that the Speaker of the House has engineered a huge tax giveaway to the rich he's going to take his ill-gotten gains and run for the hills to save face instead of a loss, thereby further enriching himself with a lucrative lobbying job before running for President.

Liology: Towards an integration of science and meaning

In this video Jeremy Lent gives a brief introduction into his system of liology, his response to substance dualism. Conventional science maintains this dualism, so it is up to the ecological science of dynamical systems theory to correct it. He finds a precursor of systems science in Chinese Neo-Confucianism, which seems a bit of romantic retro-fitting to me, given their own environmental degradation which he minimalizes in his book The Patterning Instinct. That aside, he's right about the emerging paradigm of systems science as a necessary metaphoric shift if we are to have any chance of curtailing climate change and implementing a sustainable and humane future.

Crosswalk the Musical on Broadway

The latest in Corden's popular series with Hugh Jackman, Zendaya and Zak Efron. LOL fun entertainment.

Shields & Brooks on the tax scam

The corporate tax rate is slashed and the Children's Health Insurance Plan is still unfunded. Kids are literally dying to give tax cuts to those who don't need it. Even Brooks finds the cuts to be little more than "donor maintenance." And the cuts only exacerbate the underlying social problem, income inequality. They also discuss the Moore loss in Alabama, perhaps an indicator for the '18 mid-terms.

Colbert and Jodie Foster remake Silence of the Lambs

This time with Lecter helping Clarice go after Dump. LOL funny.

Dump is the Worst Presidunce Ever

Colbert provides ample evidence in his monologue last night.

Where the tax scam money goes

This chart shows the Repugnantan trend of redistributing wealth to the top. The latest tax scam will only increase this disparity.

Dump forbids CDC from using these 7 words or phrases

You know, the Center for Disease Control, the government agency designed to protect us from illness. The banned words/phrases are"Vulnerable," "entitlement," "diversity," "transgender," "fetus," "evidence-based," "science-based." God (at least the Repugnantan God) forbid we should protect vulnerable, diverse people with evidence and science. Only a Repugnantan Jesus could find this 'religious.'

Friday, December 15, 2017

Congressional Review Act could save net neutrality

This is how we the people can overturn the FCC's ruling that eliminated net neutrality. The CRA allows Congress to review and repeal an federal agency ruling. It was originally initiated by Gingrich and has only been used once before 2017, but since Dump took office the Repugnantan Congress has used it successfully 14 times to repeal Obama-era regulations. So we the people need to put the pressure on Congress to use it again, this time to repeal the FCC's disastrous ruling. And if they don't we make it a YUGE issue in the '18 mid-terms.

The true meaning of Christmas

In this f*cked up society at least. Jesus F*cking Christ.

Silverman on the fake 'war' on Christmas

There is no war on Christmas. It's just a bullshit narrative projected by those who hate anyone who isn't Christian and doesn't kowtow to being force fed worship of a holiday that isn't from their chose faith. You know, freedom of religion and all from, you know, the sacred Constitution which has been ordained by Jesus Christ himself. Silverman does note that not all Christians participate in this war, just those that imagine a war from their ideological hatred.

Colbert spoofs Alex Jones again

In this satire, Colbert jokes about Jones' interrogation of his Amazon Alexa.

Colbert on the Internet's death

Meaning the elimination of net neutrality. ISPs claim they will not block, slow down or prioritize internet traffic, so we can rest assured that is exactly what they intend to do. And sure, the FCC says they still have regulations in place to ensure that won't happen, so you can also rest assured they will not enforce any of them when those protections are sure to be violated.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

FCC eliminates net neutrality

As expected, the vote was along Party lines and net neutrality is dead for now. There will be legal challenges so we'll see how that goes. I wonder when the ISPs will slow down or block my blog?

Sarah Silverman interacts with Jesus

I guess this is just a Jesus kind of day.

The Evangelical divide

Too bad the flock is too stupid to see the forest for the dump. Like the Big Dump, these pastors make heavenly promises that cannot be fulfilled for the sole purpose of filling their own coffers. Wake the f*ck up people.

What Jesus would do

And in fact did to the merchants and money changers in the Temple. Dump and Wall Street are ideal candidates for a Jesus thrashing today. And the Temple that needs cleansing is our democracy.

Kimmel on Molester Moore's defeat

Yes, this is cause for celebration. Not surprisingly, Fox made excuses. And then there's Dump's fake Tweet.

Colbert on Moore's hopeful defeat

USA excoriates Dump

The USA editorial board said: "A President who would all but call Senator Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush." Well said and true.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Once in a Lifetime with Dump

The North Korea polka

By Weird Al and the gang.

Republican Jesus: the song

Just came out a couple days ago.

Dump voters need help making an omlette

Here is an easy instruction video for those with Dump syndrome.

Illuminati confessions

JP finally admits he is one of those who control the world. He's motivated me to come out of the closet too.

Colbert: Dump lied about not knowing his accusers

And they are easily disprovable lies, which Colbert demonstrates. He also jokes about the Press Secretary's absurd defense that there are eyewitnesses to what Dump did not do! And Dump calling Senator Gillibrand a slut.

Roy 'Molester' Moore loses in Alabama!

Glory Hallelujah, Roy Moore has been defeated in AL. And this despite AL closing all the DMVs in the black districts to prevent voter ID from being obtained. Even AL is waking up to the fact that Dump-style hatred and bigotry is on the way out. Granted his opponent Jones only won by 1.5%, with 1.7% writing in a different candidate. Still, it's the first time AL has seen a Democratic Senator since 1992 and this is yet another bellwether that the country is shifting away from the Toxic Dump.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Carpool karaoke Christmas mashup

The latest release in this series.

Kimmel on the Children's Health Insurance Program

Aka CHIP. It's a program that helps parents who earn too much money for Medicare find and pay for insurance for their kids. It's a bi-partisan program that has been funded for 2 decades until recently, when Repugnantans let the funding lapse to use as a bargaining chip to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Children's lives are literally at stake while parents don't know how they're going to pay for the healthcare their kids desperately need. This says a lot about Repugnantan priorities, and our children aren't one of them.

Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again

Artistic expression of what the MAGA worldview means for many. Sound great, right?

The Dump cult

TYT interviews Reza Aslan, who has called the Dump phenonenon a cult. He defines it in this case as "an insulated group of individuals in thrall to a charismatic leader to whom they have given divine status, prophetic status," and explains this as what is operating in a large swath of Evangelicals. This despite the fact that Dump makes a mockery of all of their religious tenets.

Dump insinuates Gillibrand is a slut

Senator Gillibrand said Dump should be investigated for sexual assault so Dump Tweeted that "she would do anything" for campaign contributions. It's just one more example in a never ending panoply of Dump's misogynistic mindset, hence the long history of sexual harassment and assault.

Colbert: Dump called one of his accusers a c*nt

Yeah, he's a great Christian, as are those Christians that support him. Also discussed is Dump's increasing paranoia and deteriorating mental state.

Nomiki Konst on the corrupt DNC budget

Great TYT report on Konst's comments to the DNC about their corrupt budget. She brings to light that the DNC spent around $1 billion on 5 consultants while State Parties got little to no money for their elections. And we can see the result of paying said consultants: 1200 legislative seats lost across the country. She demands that the Party budget be transparent because to date it is anything but and this clip gives a revealing glimpse why.

New GOP restrictions on food stamp recipients

This is an Onion satire, but it isn't too far off.

WASHINGTON—As part of their effort to rein in government spending through entitlement reform, GOP congressional leaders announced Friday that their new tax plan will require welfare recipients to apply for each individual piece of food they receive. “Mandating that all Americans on food stamps submit a separate application for every morsel they want to buy ensures that they get the nutrition they need without wasting taxpayer dollars,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, explaining that the new bill would significantly reduce the costs of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by requiring low-income Americans to make a case for each piece of fruit, slice of bread, or grain of rice they plan to purchase. “Putting more onus on welfare recipients to justify why they need to buy something like a potato chip, a dollop of mayonnaise, or a pinch of salt with taxpayer money will help increase personal responsibility and reduce waste. In addition, parents will be required to fill out separate forms itemizing each mouthful taken by their children, which will enable them to be adequately nourished while not indulging in superfluous calories at government expense.” Ryan added that the bill also included work-requirement reform mandating that all food stamp recipients submit daily paperwork to their SNAP office with a valid explanation for each minute they weren’t working.

Entitlement or paid and earned benefit?

The Repugs see Social Security ad an entitlement or free handout to lazy bastards. The reality is that we working folk paid into both of those programs our entire lives as retirement and health insurance benefits. So now these scumbags want to literally steal our earned benefits.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Former MN Republican Governor supports Frankin

See the article here. He said, and I agree with, that Frankin should be given due process by the Ethics Committee before any action is taken. To just have him resign his Senate seat is fighting one injustice with another. She also calls into question one accuser's motives based on coaching from Roger Stone, who knew the accusation was coming before it was released. Thank you Governor Carlson for displaying some morality is a Party that seems sorely lacking in that department these days.

Fox News abetting a cover up

According to Carl Bernstein, in that they engage in a concerted effort to denounce the Mueller investigation. Ideology above country, as usual.

Shiff updates Russia investigation

Shiff is the ranking Democratic member on the House Russia investigation and in this clip gives an update. "We do know this: the Russians offered help; the campaign accepted help; the Russians gave help; the President made full use of that help." Connect the dots and see the clip for the details.

Fascism has arrived in the US

Forget these as early warning signs. We're way past the warnings and into full blown fascism already.

Dump wants a private spy network

See this Intercept story. This network would "circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies" to spy on political opponents and report directly to the Blight House and the CIA Director. We're going further down the rabbit hole of fascism by the day.

Morning Joe discusses Roy Moore

Given the AL special Senatorial election is tomorrow, everyone is making the final push either for or against this monster. They discuss a tape of Moore saying all Amendments to the Constitution after the initial 10 should be eliminated. Also discussed are Moore wanting America to go back to slavery days. Moore is unqualified even if we ignore his sexual predation, which of course we can't. Scarborough emphasizes that what Moore and Dump do betray genuine conservative values.

Liberal redneck on Roy Moore

It's encouraging that there are some in Alabama and the south that do not support the likes of a slave-loving, law breaking, prejudiced sexual predator under the guise of Christian morality.

Repugnantans have lost their soul

Whatever soul they had in the first place. See this article. They used to harp on patriotism, now they could give a shit about Russian interference in our election. They proclaimed the moral high ground with family values, yet support a sexual predator in the Blight House and Senate candidates. They frothed at the mouth over debt and deficits every time Dimocraps are in power, yet just passed a tax scam to increase it byi $1.5 trillion. And their supposed family values transform into hatred when it comes to social programs that actually help people.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Alabama Roy Moore supporters

Frank Luntz, Repugnantan spin meister, polls some AL voters supporting a child molester. The cognitive dissonance, ignorance, rationalization and bias is astounding for those purporting to be Christian. No, we do not have to be accepting of these prejudices as some sort of legitimate cultural difference.

Sanders on Meet the Press

Of course he goes after the Repugnantan tax scam now coming after Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the giveaways to the rich. He also addresses Frankin's resignation and the need for due process when such claims are made instead of just jumping to punishment without it. And of course the Repugnantan attempt to discredit Mueller to justify not impeaching Dump if he indeed colluded to commit treason.

Michael Che becomes a liberal white woman

Funny skit on their feminist white privilege.

SNL: Weekend update

News covered includes Dump inciting Middle East violence by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Dump's deteriorating mental and physical health, rampant sexual misconduct charges, idiotic Dimocrapic standards responsible for their self-inflicted castration, the Repugnantan abandonment of any values in their quest for power and money. It's such a relief valve to occasionally laugh at this seriously depressing situation.

SNL: Kids surprise Santa with Christmas wishes

SNL highlights with this sketch how kids are more informed these days on civic an political issues. And also how they are being scared shitless by the destruction of long-held democratic values perpetrated by the Dump crime family, echoing these findings.

DNC unity panel seemingly makes progress

At least that's how it's being sold. There's going to be a reduction of superdelegates by 60%, but there will still be superdelegates when there should be none. And 'most' of the remaining superdelegates will have their votes ties to the results of their States, again leaving room for some of them to vote any damned way they want. These suggestions will go the the rules and bylaws committee, dominated by the corporate wing of the Party so they can and likely will ignore even these minimum concessions. If it does miraculously get approved by the committee, it goes to a full DNC vote, again dominated by the corporatists. It once again seems like so much show designed to placate the progressive wing while maintaining the status quo under the guise of a 'fair' vote. We'll see.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Unraveling - Elise Twouw

Michelle Wolf on men

And now for a refreshing comedy break.

The world's confidence in Dump

Contrary to Dump's lying fake news, the rest of the world sees this guy as not only an embarrassment but a danger to the world. And they ain't wrong. See this for more stats. Note how Russia is one of the few who favor Dump over Obama, and by a lot. I wonder why that is... Can you say treason?

The real reason Dump reduced Bear Ears national monument

This article cites the Washington Post article that exposed the real reason: A uranium mining company lobbied to do it so that they could open up mining operations. And the Interior Secretary wanted it too so agreed. The lobbyists were headed by Andrew Wheeler, nominated as deputy secretary of the EPA. The swamp is more fetid than ever and it's all about destroying environmental and labor protections while giving the rich more wealth, no matter the societal cost.

Alt-right women surprised alt-right men hate them

Good story of two alt-right women, themselves in favor of white supremacy, finding that alt-right men hate them too. And they're surprised by this? Not only that, they've decried feminism but now they need it to stand up to their male peers?

Fact check: Repug tax scam eliminates natural disaster deduction

Snopes rated this as true. It's in both the House and Senate Bills going forward. The former wants to eliminate this deduction completely, while the latter wants to reduce it drastically. This is the lengths Repugnantans will go to to give our money to the rich and literally kill the rest of us.

Reich on Dump blaming one of Roy Moore's victims

In his FB post he discusses how Dump in his Florida rally went after one of Moore's accusers, trying to make it seem like she made up her story. Dump also went after her lawyer. This is what you get with these misogynists: Deny and blame the victim so that they get death threats or worse from the followers. And they want one more sexual predator in the Senate just so he can vote down any more rights for women? WTF people!

Sanders on the sexual misconduct double standard

Uygur discusses Sanders calling for Dump to resign, given he did far worse than Frankin and admitted it on tape! Go to to sign the petition asking Dump to resign too.

Andrew Sullivan on the double standard in sexual misconduct

Sullivan is a conservative pundit that still has morals and principles. This article elucidates how the Dims accept responsibility and punish themselves for such accusations while the Repugs deny them and attack the victims. This sets up a never-ending cycle where victims feel empowered to accuse Dims while being afraid of doing so against the Repugs, with the ultimate result of decimating the very Party that stands up for women's rights and increasing the Party that destroys those rights.

Sullivan's article starts out discussing the baker vs. homosexual story, but near the end he addresses the sexual double standard. An excerpt:

"In 2016, tribal loyalty overwhelmed any concerns about demonstrable sexual assault in the presidential election and led to a majority of white women voting for a pig. A year later, it appears to be having the same effect in Alabama. Roy Moore, in the last couple of weeks, has even seemed somewhat empowered by the backlash to the accusations. (The polls, however, still show a close race.).
"And all of this will surely affect who comes forward in the future. A woman violated by a Democrat will be likelier to go public — because it gets results. A woman violated by a Republican will fear she could be easily demonized as a liar, a conspirator, or a fraud, and understandably be reluctant to put herself through that. And so the accusations may well mount against Democrats and liberals and diminish somewhat among Republicans and conservatives. Democratic standards for sexual conduct may well keep rising (any proof, for example, that Garrison Keillor ever recorded a single broadcast has now been erased from Minnesota Public Radio’s archives), while Republican standards (that signature on the yearbook photo is obviously forged) may keep falling. I see no reason why this ratchet shouldn’t continue, and why Democrats aren’t, in fact, unilaterally disarming themselves in what is a purely tribal war, where all objective moral or even epistemological standards become relative."

Friday, December 8, 2017

Roy Moore misses slavery

He said during slavery that was the last time America was great. So he wants to make America great again and bring back slavery? He didn't say that outright but we know that's what he has in mind and heart, as do his supporters.

Unrig the system summit

With representatives from the liberal and conservative wings. Learn about it here. The blurb follows:

Convening the Brightest Minds from the Right and Left to Fix American Politics...and Party in New Orleans

Conservatives. Progressives. Solutions.

This is no ordinary conference. No endless panels and speeches. It’s fast-paced and fun, with plenty of time to self-organize as you mingle with top advocacy leaders, academics, comedians, musicians, celebrities, activists, philanthropists and journalists. This is about crossing partisan and ideological divides and working together on concrete solutions to unrig America’s political system…. with plenty of New Orleans fun mixed in. 
The Summit runs from Friday, February 2nd, 1pm through Sunday, February 4th, 1pm. Key programming will take place all 3 days, so plan on being in attendance for the entire event. More specific information coming soon.

Email reveals Wikileaks and Dump contacts

Update: Greenwald at the Intercept corrects the story by noting the email was dated after it was publicly revealed and inquires as to why CNN got it wrong with the subsequent the media frenzy.

A former Watergate prosecutor discusses what the email to Dump Jr. from Wikileaks reveals about their criminal conspiracy. It's obvious the entire Dump team knew of the Wikileaks documents before they were publicly released because Wikileaks gave them a web address and encryption key to read them.

Wimpy Dimocraps neuter themselves yet again

The latest example being pressuring Frankin to leave the Senate. (See this article.) They are letting the moral and ethical-free Repugnantans influence them to some bizarre set of moral purity to the point of letting Repugs win not only elections but the hearts and minds of voters. Instead they should be comparing the very real difference between Frankin, Dump and Moore and fighting to keep the likes of Frankin in the Senate because he votes for women's rights while the Repugs do the opposite. This not only neuters the Dims in Congress but does a huge disservice to the people and especially women, since their rights are further eroded.

Gravity is a hoax

Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston do a skit showing the absurdity of climate science denial though the metaphor of gravity.

Conservative media is smearing Mueller and the FBI

And of course it has nothing to do with facts and everything to do with delegitimizing Mueller and the FBI because they're close to charging Dump. Then Dump of course, Fox addict that he is, repeats all this stuff calling the investigation fake news so his followers won't accept the reality of the factually based charges Dump will soon face.

Fact checking claims about the tax bills

From Fact Check:

Dump claims the tax plans will raise his taxes. Not true, as several provisions reduce his taxes, e.g., "changes to the estate tax, the tax rate on pass-through business taxes and the alternative minimum tax."

There will be both tax increases and decreases for the middle-class depending on a number of factors. See the link for the specifics.

There should be modest job increases over the next 10 years, but at a big cost to the debt. 

The estate tax repeal indeed only affects the most wealthy. Previously the estate tax affected about about 5,000 people.

The claim that middle class wages will increase by $4000 is a pipe dream which presupposes a 3-5% GDP growth rate, an unrealistic projection.

Why the RNC is supporting Moore

CNN catches up with the head of the Repugnantan National Committee and asks why they now pledge support for a child molester. The reason: Because the Presidunce wants it and they are his lackey. And following Dump's lead, ethics and morality be damned if it gets in the way of the Party's (but not the country's) agenda.

Flynn colluded during Dump's inauguration

Colbert updates the investigation, showing that Flynn colluded with Russia during the inauguration ceremony. Flynn assured his Russian contacts that the sanctions would be lifted freeing them to start construction on nuclear reactors in the Middle East. This is just an iota of the things Mueller has against Flynn, so it's clear that by only charging him with one count of lying is indication Flynn is cooperating with the investigation.

The long game of Repugnantan economics

Good article in The Atlantic. Some excerpts:

The tax cuts are only the first step. The decimation of the welfare system is next on the menu. They'll claim that the deficit need to be addressed given their immense tax giveaway to the rich that caused it in the first place. And their justify it with their worn out and false claim that the poor are lazy and refuse to work, so get to work or die. Some excerpts:
"This is the long game of Republican economics, and it is the opposite of a secret. In fact, it is a published document. For years, House Speaker Paul Ryan, with broad party support, has proposed budget blueprints that both cut corporate taxes, thus returning trillions of dollars in post-tax income to business owners and investors, and slashed government spending on health care and anti-poverty programs.
"Perhaps the Republican economic agenda does not appeal to the public because it was never meant to do so. Rather, it is exquisitely designed to mollify a class of corporate-libertarian donors, like the Koch brothers, who are members of a coordinated multidecade effort to make tax cuts on the rich and the destruction of welfare programs their core agenda."

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Paul Ryan admits Repugs engaged in class warfare

Ryan, just after giving $1.5 trillion in tax giveaways to the rich, is now complaining about how social programs must be cut to pay for it. He calls it 'reform' to lie about it, but we all know he means taking food out of baby's mouths. And that is literally accurate.

Dump's accusers get Time person of the year

Colbert informs us that the #Metoo movement got the accolade. A great comment on Dump and his Repugnantan ilk that get away with sexual assault.

Stigmtise those who let people die

The cognitive prison habit

Good blog post by Dave McCloud on how we are culturally trapped in a worldview of endless growth, even some well meaning environmentalists. Growth is appropriate to a point within an overall context. But by itself it leads to where we are now with a bleak at best future.

In my 2015 paper for the Integral Theory Conference (posted here), I quoted from Edgar Morin and Peter Pogany to describe what  Bruce Kunkel has called the 'cognitive prison habits' that keep us locked in to pursuing endless growth and development at all costs."

This also applies to consciousness growth, as if it too is limitless. Recall Gidley's commentary on Gebser's integral-aperspectival:

"For Gebser, integral-aperspectival consciousness is not experienced through expanded consciousness, more systematic conceptualizations, or greater quantities of perspectives. In his view, such approaches largely represent over-extended, rational characteristics. Rather, it
involves an actual re-experiencing, re-embodying, and conscious re-integration of the living vitality of magic-interweaving, the imagination at the heart of mythic-feeling and the purposefulness of mental conceptual thinking, their presence raised to a higher resonance, in order for the integral transparency to shine through" (111).

Dimocraps must quit BEING wimps

The incredibly stupid Dims are pressuring Frankin to resign, while the Repugs are supporting their sexual predators. In the process the Dims further disempower themselves and further empower the Repugs in the Senate. This excellent article examine this self-destructive Dimocrapic urge that only shoots themselves in the foot while giving the real sexual predators free reign.There is something seriously wrong with these spineless wimps that think we must 'play fair' with people out to literally kill us with their policies.

ALEC's national summit agenda: destroy democracy

This article exposes the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) agenda for their annual meeting. It includes creating model legislation that denies climate change, re-writing the Constitution, and a corporate wish list. For example, they will push the EPA head, an ALEC alum, to reject the EPA's own finding that greenhouse gases endanger us and the planet. Even Exxon is opposed to this change! They are also pushing for a Constitutional Convention. One of the goals for it "would allow states to opt out of Supreme Court rulings and federal laws they don’t like." See the link for much more of their insidious plans.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jesse & Patty @ US Open

I posted this previously but it was removed by the US Open. Here it is again. They took 2nd place in the showcase division. I appreciate the artistry and the changes from slow to fast tempo and back again.

Professional economists send a letter to Congress

As reported by the Sanders Institute. The letter follows:

An Open Letter to the US Congress

December 5, 2017
An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress
The tax plan will have disastrous consequences for the American people
Dear Senators and Representatives:
The current tax plan will prove ineffective at best. More likely, it will further the collapse of wages and widen the already dangerous levels of income and wealth inequality that have become so obvious that both political parties referenced them during the 2016 presidential campaign. Our central problem is not insufficient profits for corporations. Consumers, not employers, are the real job creators and cutting the corporate tax rate won’t jumpstart the economy. The key to getting businesses to hire and invest is to swamp them with demand for their products, something that is accomplished by raising the incomes of the poor and the middle-class and not those at the very top of the income distribution. Unfortunately, not only have the former faced stagnating wages and unemployment, but they are burdened by mortgage debt, credit card debt, student debt, and payday loan debt. Little wonder this has been the weakest recovery in the post-World War Two era.
Cut taxes for the poor and the middle class and we will see an increase in wages and the creation of the kind of full-time jobs that we so desperately need. Cut corporate tax rates and corporations will end up sitting on an even bigger stockpile of cash. Period. There is no reason to believe that any jobs would come back to the United States or that more funds would be invested here. Firms invest because they expect strong demand for their products, not simply because they have higher profits. Strong demand will only materialize if consumers are empowered with higher wages and relieved of their debt burden.
We, the undersigned economists, stand firmly opposed to the President’s tax plan. Reforms of some sort are not unwarranted, but if our goal is to improve the lives of American workers then this is absolutely not the route to take. Indeed, it may prove to be disastrous. Tax cuts that create economic growth start at the bottom, not at the top. It is not too late to make the current bill into something that could spur growth and employment and usher in a new era of prosperity for all Americans.
Sincerely, [read more for all the signatories]

Mueller subpoenas Dump's bank records

This is where the most incriminating dirt is. And from which the main case against Dump will be launched. Very heartening news.

Graduation cards from Roy Moore

Colbert on the madness of defending Roy Moore

It's truly amazing the lengths supporters go to in defending a child molester. Colbert makes them the laughingstock they deserve. And no, it's not just a 'cultural' difference, it's child molestation.

FDR quote of relevance given the tax scam

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

Study turns conservatives into liberals

See this article. There has been a long line of empirical research that shows conservatives tend to have a greater fear response and hence more developed amygdalas. So the study had conservatives imagine complete safety and their opinions were much more liberal, at least temporarily. Conservative leaders know this and play on the fear of immigrants and Muslims etc.

Thing is, on a societal scale that would require the government providing policies that increase minimum wage to a living wage, increase worker safety regulations, reintroduce unions to give a voice to workers, etc. And the oligarchs will never do that on their own, nor will their lackeys in Congress, until we replace them with representatives who will. The status quo loves keeping workers in fear and servitude so as to more easily manipulate them and redirect their fears onto their neighbors.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Robert Mueller's 12 days of Christmas

Evan Thompson on neuroscience and free will

See the videos here. And my previous post here, copied below.

From part 1, quoting William James: "Effort of attention is thus the essential phenomenon of will" (7:10). From the conclusion of part 6: "Free will then is not exempt from causes and conditions but is rather the flexible coordination of attention" (4:05). In part 2 he starts to talk about the self related to meditation (around 7:00). Around 7:45 he notes it has 2 aspects, the present-centered "I" and the narrative self which adds past and future. He relates it to Damasio's ideas.

The end of part 2 was on Damasio's core self, the beginning of part 3 on his autobiographical self. The rest of the latter part discusses how we might differentiate them via meditative practice. Part 4 goes into some experiments with those who meditate and those who don't, measuring the brain activity correlated with these 2 selves. Those who meditate have much more flexibility to distinguish and go between the core and narrator, whereas those who do not conflate them. Moreover at 4:55 the meditators have some command of voluntary (aka conscious) regulation of attention and emotion.

How the Repugnantans broke Congress

Good article by Mann and Ornstein on how they did it. Their 2006 book noted how the dysfunction was on both sides of the aisle. But no more. Their tax scam is the final straw of evidence that the Repugs are all about payback to their benefactors at the expense of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. And it's been a process underway since the 90s when they started to demonize government as the problem.Then there was the all out war against Obama, where they conspired to block everything on his agenda, no matter if they agreed with it or not. Another example is the explosion of right-wing media like Limbaugh, O'Reilley and Fox, which also fed absolute hatred for anything liberal so that no compromise of any kind could be achieved. Dump was just the icing on the logical conclusion they've been developing all this time.

The billionaire stroke-job act

Colbert jokes about this very unfunny joke of a Bill. Given the season, he uses the nativity as a metaphor for it. He also debunks the myth of trickle-down economics. I appreciate how he makes us laugh at such a dire disaster while presenting the facts of the Bill.

The neural basis of free will

You can read some excerpts of Tse’s The Neural Basis of Free Will at this Project Muse link. From the section on readiness potentials:
“Here I argue that conscious feelings of willing or agency are not central to understanding the neural basis of free will. Simple actions, such as repeatedly lifting a finger, or even complex actions, such as driving a car while daydreaming, may not generate conscious feelings of willing at all. Consciousness of willing appears to primarily arise in cases that require endogenous selection and inhibition of options held and assessed in working memory. As such, Libet’s paradigm may not particularly evoke conscious feelings of willing. And even if it did, neither the readiness potential nor the lateralized readiness potential appears to be a signature of a neural process involved in conscious willing.”

Neuroscience and free will continued

Neural antecedents of spontaneous voluntary movement: A new perspective.” Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2016.
“Now a series of new developments has begun to unravel what we thought we knew about the brain activity preceding SVMs. The main new revelation is that the apparent build-up of this activity, up until about 200 ms pre-movement, may reflect the ebb and flow of background neuronal noise, rather than the outcome of a specific neural event corresponding to a ‘decision’ to initiate movement. In particular, two independent studies, one using electroencephalography (EEG) recordings in humans [5] and the other using single-unit recordings in rats [6], have converged in showing that bounded-integration processes, which involve the accumulation of noisy evidence until a decision threshold is reached, offer a coherent and plausible explanation for the apparent pre-movement build-up of neuronal activity. Bounded integration or ‘evidence accumulation’ models have been in use for decades in the study of perceptual decision-making and reaction time tasks and have proven very powerful in accounting for both neural and behavioral phenomena. Only recently, however, has it come to light that if the ‘evidence’ is absent, or very weak relative to the noise, such models can also be applied to the spontaneous voluntary initiation of movement [5,6].”

Neuroscience and free will

Free will and neuroscience: From explaining freedom away to new ways of operationalizing and measuring it.” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2016. Abstract:
“The concept of free will is hard to define, but crucial to both individual and social life. For centuries people have wondered how freedom is possible in a world ruled by physical determinism; however, reflections on free will have been confined to philosophy until half a century ago, when the topic was also addressed by neuroscience. The first relevant, and now well-known, strand of research on the brain correlates of free will was that pioneered by Libet et al. (1983), which focused on the allegedly unconscious intentions taking place in decisions regarded as free and voluntary. Libet’s interpretation of the so-called readiness potential (RP) seems to favor a sort of deflation of freedom (Soon et al., 2008). However, recent studies seem to point to a different interpretation of the RP, namely that the apparent build-up of the brain activity preceding subjectively spontaneous voluntary movements (SVM) may reflect the ebb and flow of the background neuronal noise, which is triggered by many factors (Schurger et al., 2016). This interpretation seems to bridge the gap between the neuroscientific perspective on free will and the intuitive, commonsensical view of it (Roskies, 2010b), but many problems remain to be solved and other theoretical paths can be hypothesized. The article therefore, proposes to start from an operationalizable concept of free will (Lavazza and Inglese, 2015) to find a connection between higher order descriptions (useful for practical life) and neural bases. This new way to conceptualize free will should be linked to the idea of “capacity”: that is, the availability of a repertoire of general skills that can be manifested and used without moment by moment conscious control. The capacity index, which is also able to take into account the differences of time scales in decisions, includes reasons-responsiveness and is related to internal control, understood as the agent’s ownership of the mechanisms that trigger the relevant behavior. Cognitive abilities, needed for one to have capacity, might be firstly operationalized as a set of neuropsychological tests, which can be used to operationalize and measure specific executive functions, as they are strongly linked to the concept of control. Subsequently, a free will index would allow for the search of the underlying neural correlates of the capacity exhibited by people and the limits in capacity exhibited by each individual.”

Colbert: Dump admits to obstruction of justice

First Colbert updates us on the Flynn debacle. Then he jokes about Dump's Tweet virtually admitting he knew Flynn lied about his Russia connections before he heretofore claimed, an admission tantamount to obstruction. So Dump and his lawyer are now openly admitting said obstruction but the defense is now that the Preisdunce is immune from the law.

Ad on the tax scam

Sure, you get some increases but it's made up for it what it takes away. This ad shows some of those take aways. Keep in mind that corps and the rich just get the tax breaks but none of the take aways.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Repugnantans refuse to guarantee no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security

Continuing this post, Senator Sanders suggested an amendment to the tax scam, 1720, "To create a point of order against legislation that cuts Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits." It can be found on page 7700 of this Congressional Record. On page 7702 it was voted down. It is very clear that by voting against this amendment that cuts to these programs are exactly what they intend to do to pay for their tax cuts to corporations and the rich.

Senator Grassley reveals the truth about Repugnantans

Continuing this post, Grassley, in defending the repeal of the estate tax for the rich, said this: "“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing — as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies." 

First off, the rich aren't investing in anything but themselves. And secondly, those that work for a living use what little money they're paid for food, clothing, raising kids, taking care of parents, buying healthcare etc. It's just another example of how the rich have to dehumanize the working class to justify taking their tax money and giving it to themselves.

Dump lawyer says Presidunce immune from the law

Yeah, he actually said that. He also brazenly admitted that Dump knew Flynn was lying to the FBI before firing FBI Director Comey, ordinarily considered obstruction of justice. But noooo, not for the Presidunce because he's well...Presidunce.

Billy Bush calls Dump a liar

In this piece Billy Bush, of the infamous bus ride where Dump said he can "grab them by the pussy" with impunity, confirmed that the video was real and that Dump said it. He also said he believes Dump's female accusers.

It's Mueller Time

Coming soon to a court and jail near the Dumpsters.

The trickle down myth

This zombie myth just won't die, as the new tax bills make readily apparent. Trickle down has never worked and it won't work again. This short video dispels that fake news myth with facts to anyone not enthralled by this failed ideology.

Emails in Dump Admin prove Flynn correct

Morning Joe reports on a NYT story that has emails from KT McFarland to the inner circle, including Bannon, Flynn and Priebus. In one email sent to them McFarland said that Russia "has just thrown the election to him [Trump]." It shows Flynn's close relationship with the senior member of the transition team, let alone an admission of the rigged election.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The real takers are at the top

This article points out with factually based accuracy, not fear-based ideology, that the real takers are on the top of the capitalistic hierarchy, not the bottom.

"To understand why, we need to recognise that there are two ways of making money. The first is what most of us do: work. That means tapping into our knowledge and know-how (our “human capital” in economic terms) to create something new, whether that’s a takeout app, a wedding cake, a stylish updo, or a perfectly poured pint. To work is to create. Ergo, to work is to create new wealth. But there is also a second way to make money.That’s the rentier way: by leveraging control over something that already exists, such as land, knowledge, or money, to increase your wealth. You produce nothing, yet profit nonetheless. By definition, the rentier makes his living at others’ expense, using his power to claim economic benefit."

"So I’ll start with the clearest illustration of modern freeloaders at the top: bankers. Studies conducted by International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements – not exactly leftist thinktanks – have revealed that much of the financial sector has become downright parasitic. How instead of creating wealth, they gobble it up whole. [...] A big part of the modern banking sector is essentially a giant tapeworm gorging on a sick body. It’s not creating anything new, merely sucking others dry. Bankers have found a hundred and one ways to accomplish this. The basic mechanism, however, is always the same: offer loans like it’s going out of style, which in turn inflates the price of things like houses and shares, then earn a tidy percentage off those overblown prices (in the form of interest, commissions, brokerage fees, or what have you), and if the shit hits the fan, let Uncle Sam mop it up."

Is there a T.R.U.M.P. brain?

Indeed there is, according to an article by that name in the Nov.-Dec. 2017 issue of Porto Biomedical Journal (2:6). The abstract:

"Neuroscientists have begun to investigate whether different political attitudes are associated with specific mind-brain markers. In this article, we build on political neuroscience research to briefly illustrate the structure and function of a Threatening, Reactionary, Unforgiving, Machiavellian, and Partisan (T.R.U.M.P.) mindset. Additionally, we discussed, building on neuroscience and clinical evidence, how to counteract the T.R.U.M.P. mindset [with a G.H.A.N.D.I. mindset]."

And yes, there is a healthy ‘bias’ toward the G.H.A.N.D.I. mindset in the context of the subtitle of the article: "Implications for mental health and world peace." Yes, those liberal scientists are biased toward those goals as well. Unless one wants to argue that the T.R.U.M.P. mindset can equally achieve those goals?

Senator Hatch concerned about the COST of child healthcare

He just voted to give over $1 trillion in immediate tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy but he's concerned about the cost of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), about $14 billion per year? CHIP expired the end of September and the Repugnantans have yet to renew it over claiming cost is the reason. Seriously? When you just spent over $1 trillion for your wealthy benefactors? And children have to go without healthcare to help pay for it?

The Repugs obviously don't give a fuck about the cost, or about children's healthcare. The real reason? Hatch makes it crystal clear when he says:

"I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves, won’t lift a finger and expect the federal government to do everything. [He blamed a 'liberal philosophy' for creating millions of people] who believe everything they are or ever hope to be depend upon the federal government rather than the opportunities that this great country grants them.”

There it is. Children in need should literally die because he and the Repugs think their parents are lazy fucks who won't get off their asses to help themselves or their children. If only they'd take advantage of such 'great opportunities' as several minimum wage part-time jobs without any benefits that still don't pay the bills because the Repugs have shipped a lot of previously good-paying union jobs with benefits overseas. 

The fact is that CHIP is only available "in families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid." Did you hear that Hatch? These families are working and earning money and can't qualify for Medicaid. They are not at all like your fake characterization because it's based on a failed ideology that refuses to accept reality.

See the CHIP handbook for more facts about the program.

Senator Rubio admits cuts coming to social security and Medicare

Rubio openly admitted it. Those most in need of help will get screwed without Vaseline in order to give tax cuts to corporations and the rich. It can't be any plainer, even for the most ignorant Dumpster.

SNL Weekend Update

They cover Flynn's guilty plea, Comey's response to it, the tax scam, the trickle-down scam, impeachment, and British Prime Minister Theresa May (played by Kate McKinnon) on Dump re-Tweeting racist videos.

SNL: Blight House Christmas

They parody Dickens' A Christmas Carol with Baldwin again playing the Big Stinking Dump.

Halloway defeats Aldo

To retain the featherweight title. Very impressive performance analyzed by the UFC team.

Economic Policy Institute of the tax scam

Their statement follows from this source:

"After spending most of the year promising a tax cut for the middle class, Republicans in the Senate have joined their colleagues from the House of Representatives in reneging on this pledge. The bill passed today is nothing more than a giveaway to the richest households and corporations, period. It will raise taxes on many low- and moderate-income households, and the deficits it will leave in its wake will be used to attack Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—a strategy clearly telegraphed by both the Republican budget resolution from last month as well as by Senator Rubio more recently. Besides lying about who would benefit most directly from the tax cut, defenders of today’s bill have also lied about the trickle-down benefits that will accrue to workers in the form of higher wages. Simply put, this bill will not raise wages for typical workers—but it will deny health insurance to 13 million workers, a measure Senate Republicans included to help contain the overall cost of giving large tax cuts to rich households and corporations. This bill is a scam through-and-through."

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fugelsang on Biblical Jesus

This ain't the Repugnantan Jesus, that's for sure.

Wolf Alice: Sad Boy

This is my first exposure to the band and I like their sound. It kind of reminds me of Nirvana.

Sarah Silverman interviews Randy Bryce

Bryce is the iron worker running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. We know this guy will represent working people because he is, unlike Ryan, a working person.

Faux Snooze won't run anti-Dump ad

This clip shows the ad which of course uses facts. God forbid should facts enter their media.

Repugnantans are fake Christians

"For they preach but do not practice." Matthew 23:3, English Standard Version.

Colbert on Dump re-Tweeting racist fake news

The re-Tweeted videos are not what they say they are but Dump cannot tell what's real anymore. Not that he ever could, but now such insanity is leading the country.

There's nothing like first-rate pussy

Yeah, Dump said it. You know, that great Christian that the Evangelicals support because they too are great Christians. I'm sure they can also find Biblical passages about top-notch pussy too.

Senate Repugnantans ram through their tax scam

Warren comments on this. She received the 500-page Bill a few hours before the vote. And they were still adding hand-written amendments. And that's the 'regular order' the Repugs claim to have followed.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Kushner directed Flynn on a Russian contact

Update: Now it appears that KT McFarland directed Flynn on one of those instances, while Kushner directed the other.

Following up on this post, the senior transition official mentioned in the Flynn plea turns out to be Jared Kushner according to the MSNBC report below. This is regarding Flynn being directed by Kushner to discuss easing sanctions against Russia with Russian officials. We're coming up on the R in TREASON. The rest to be spelled out shortly.

Amy Schumer at Letterman's Mark Twain award

Funny set in honor of Letterman.

Flynn implicates the Blight House

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about not only his contacts with Russia, but that he lied about telling top administration officials about those Russian contacts. The Blight House knew full well about those contacts and lied about it too. Flynn also admitted he was directed by someone senior in the transition to make such contact.

Van Jones: liberal hypocrisy and conservative close-mindedness

He starts by saying liberals are just as guilty of being in a media bubble as conservatives. Not true. See for example this previous post noting that liberals read or watch much broader media sources. Also not true that liberal media sources are as one-sided and biased as conservatives sources. To the contrary, liberals go to the extreme to be 'fair' to the point of false equivalency (see this post). I think Van Jones is doing exactly that with this commentary.

It even borders on the false equivalency of real and fake news, as if the latter is just what conservatives 'value' so we have to take that into account. He's right we have to open our heart to those conservatives who feel left out, but accepting their beliefs based on lies and fake news is not part of the solution. Liberals tend to fight for a better economic system that helps these very people. But they can also chew gum and walk at the same time by legitimately calling them on their racism and ignorant gullibility.

Conan lampooons Sanders' Grammy nomination

Sanders got a Grammy nomination in the spoken word category for his audiobook Our Revolution. Conan does a funny lampoon, turning into a political romance novel.

Jimmy Kimmel accepts Roy Moore's challenge

They've been having a Twitter feud the past few days and Moore challenged Kimmel to come down to Alabama and settle it man to man. Kimmel accepts his challenge, saying the Christianity he practices finds molesting children to be a sin. And if the challenge is to physically fight, Kimmel accepts that one too.

Colbert on Tillerson's firing

He did, after all, accurately call Dump a moron. The truth hurts big league someone as thin-skinned as our Presidunce.

David Koch's platform

Hartmann discusses the platform David Koch ran on for Vice President of the US in 1980. This gives a clear picture of the Koch brothers' worldview, and what they have been implementing ever since by buying Congressional lackeys, instituting think tanks and infiltrating college faculty. Platform items include: repeal of federal campaign finance laws; the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid; deregulation of the medical insurance industry; repeal of Social Security. The platform is also for the abolition of; the Post Office; corporate and personal income tax and all taxation; sanctions against tax evasion; the minimum wage; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Department of Energy; the Dept. of Transportation. And on and on it goes. This is the agenda being implemented by Dump and the oligarchs through the Congressional Repugnantans (and corporate Dimocraps), and it couldn't be any more clear than this platform.

Dump further obstructed justice with the Senate

Morning Joe discusses how Dump pressured the Senate Intelligence Committee to end their Russia collusion investigation. It's just one more obstruction of justice charge added to Mueller's ever growing list of charges coming soon to a courthouse near you. The panel goes on to discuss Dump thinking he can bend (more like break) reality to his will. And the fact that facts no longer matter at all to his Blight House, as well as his blatant support of neo-fascists.

Flynn goes to court

Video of Flynn entering court and is expected to plead guilty to lying to the FBI. The noose further tightens on the Dump crime family.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Charlie Puth: How Long

On the Corden show last night.

Sanders laughs at Dump on the tax scam

After discussing it with Chris Hayes, he's shown a clip of Dump saying he will be hurt by it. Sanders laughs out loud, as Dump and his rich buddies are going to make out like the bandits they are in this Bill. The struggling, hard-working Dumpsters who voted for him though will get the shaft yet again.

Ryan & Alexis @ US Open

Here's their first place winning routine in the Young Adult division. They combine west coast swing with east coast swing, lindy hop and shag.

Gary & Susan at the US Open

Here's their first-place winning routine in the Classic Division. Lots of west coast swing content, artistic choreography and impeccable performance. This is their first US Open win as a couple.

Big questions with Justin Timberlake

The latest installment of Colbert's popular segment.

Colbert on Matt Lauer

And a take down of sexual predator Dump for having the (tiny) balls to comment on it.

Carpool Karaoke with Kelly Clarkson

The latest episode in Corden's popular series. Very fun, including a surprise guest.

Warren: Tax scam eliminates health insurance for 13 million people

By eliminating the individual mandate. She provides the CBO estimates of how many will lose coverage. And those left on Obamacare, like the elderly, would have to pay a lot more for coverage. And this provision is in a tax Bill that will raise taxes on the middle class. These cruel bastards just can't get enough of torturing people to satisfy their rich masters.

Senator Warren questions HHS nominee

Meaning the nominee to head the Dept. of Health and Human Services. The Q&A makes it clear that he will indeed cut Medicaid and Obamacare in the name of some abstract and undefined 'better way.' Warren makes clear he is all smoke and mirrors.

Some conservative groups criticize Repugnantan tax scam

A key feature of the plan is to eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes (SALT). Two conservative groups, the Manhattan Group and the Illinois Policy group, say doing so would strip State funds that provides needed local social services like education, Medicaid, public safety and homeless services. When conservatives are decrying the intentional destruction of such services to pay for tax breaks to those who don't need it we can safely assume this tax scam cannot even call itself conservative. It is what it is, a tax scam that robs everyone else to further enrich their donors.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Corporate Jesus

The real meaning of Christmas.

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

The non-conscious nature of being

Recent paper by that name in Frontiers in Psychology. The abstract follows. Since I've long thought the opposite of what the paper claims I'll have to read and ponder this one for a bit. The introduction follows:

"Despite the compelling subjective experience of executive self-control, we argue that 'consciousness' contains no top-down control processes and that 'consciousness' involves no executive, causal, or controlling relationship with any of the familiar psychological processes conventionally attributed to it. In our view, psychological processing and psychological products are not under the control of consciousness. In particular, we argue that all 'contents of consciousness' are generated by and within non-conscious brain systems in the form of a continuous self-referential personal narrative that is not directed or influenced in any way by the 'experience of consciousness.' This continuously updated personal narrative arises from selective 'internal broadcasting' of outputs from non-conscious executive systems that have access to all forms of cognitive processing, sensory information, and motor control. The personal narrative provides information for storage in autobiographical memory and is underpinned by constructs of self and agency, also created in non-conscious systems. The experience of consciousness is a passive accompaniment to the non-conscious processes of internal broadcasting and the creation of the personal narrative. In this sense, personal awareness is analogous to the rainbow which accompanies physical processes in the atmosphere but exerts no influence over them. Though it is an end-product created by non-conscious executive systems, the personal narrative serves the powerful evolutionary function of enabling individuals to communicate (externally broadcast) the contents of internal broadcasting. This in turn allows recipients to generate potentially adaptive strategies, such as predicting the behavior of others and underlies the development of social and cultural structures, that promote species survival. Consequently, it is the capacity to communicate to others the contents of the personal narrative that confers an evolutionary advantage—not the experience of consciousness (personal awareness) itself."

What is democratic socialism?

This graphic highlights some of its platform. Not at all of course like how it's lied about by the corporate lackeys.

538 on the unpopularity of the Repugnantan tax plan

See their analysis here. They aggregated polls say roughly 33% favor it while 46% are against. But since when do Repugnantans (and corporate Dimcraps) give one shit about what we the people want? Obviously not in this case either.